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System Scaffolding

General Applications for System Scaffolding


In all applications, system scaffolds in general they have several advantages over traditional tube and fitting scaffolds. This is illustrated by the ever-increasing use of this type of scaffold in the construction environment, and the trend within the scaffolding industry away from tube and fittings when replacing or increase stocks of materials.


Formwork direct is aware of this situation and offers a comprehensive supplier service based on various systems.


System scaffolding has a wide variety of applications, and major benefits to the customer include:

Safety - In the very earliest stages of the erection process, the wedge connections ensure that ledgers and braces are secured to the standards, and there is no risk of materials falling. The wedge lock system guarantees that all ledgers and diagonal braces are secured immediately they are placed. This allows immediate, safe erection by just one person at any height. The system scaffold enables a reduction in material usage as compared to traditional scaffolding, for instance it dispenses with the need for ledger bracing in many applications.

Speed - The in built joint, clearly identifiable components and thr strong simple wedge connections guarantee a faster erection time. 


Industrial Applications


In the Industrial field, system scaffold has proved its advantages in many locations. It allows working platforms, whether in the form of towers, birdcages or hanging scaffolds, to be quickly formed to facilitate all maintenance and installation of insulation, and construction projects.


In power stations and chemical plants, where installations and pipelines require regular checks and maintenance, the significantly faster erection times result in a great benefit in terms of reduced shutdown times. In these cases, and particularly when an unforeseen disruption occurs, system scaffolds help to minimise downtime, their inherent safety and fast construction are a great advantage.


Where scaffolds are required for access inside tanks and ovens system scaffolding offers several significant advantages over traditional tube and fitting scaffold:


  • Where access is restricted by the need to pass materials through manholes or other such small openings, the compact size of system components makes handling easier.
  • When working in conditions of poor lighting or extremes of temperature, the built in fixings and simple erection procedure makes for faster and safer erection.
  • Due to its fixed length components and built-in node points, system scaffolding is particularly well suited for use in circular or spherical tanks and vessels.

We can provide sale & hire on a number of system scaffolds listed below. These can be used for a wide range of applications ranging from house building to large industrial applications.

Our Sales Team can offer you the best scaffolding solutions for your job.

  • Cuplock Scaffold Systems
  • K-Stage System Scaffold
  • Shoring Scaffold Systems
  • Tube & Fitting Scaffold Systems
  • Aluminium Scaffold Systems
  • Ring Lock Systems
  • Nor48 Systems

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