The crane-jumped formwork for structures of any shape and inclination.

MF240 Climbing formwork permits controlled, regular working cycles on all tall structures. It is extremely easy to set up, and can be tailored to meet a wide range of different requirements.

At a Glance


  • Optimum adaptability to any project, with only a small number of different components

Easy to Operate:

  • Formwork can be set up and struck quickly with no need for a crane.
  • Less crane time is needed, as the formwork repositions quickly as a complete unit.
  • Formwork can be adjusted in all directions both precisely and quickly.

Handy and Practical Design

  • high load-bearing capacity (50 kN per climbing bracket)
  • formwork heights of up to 6.0 m
  • formwork and platform angle-adjustable up to ±15°
  • concrete loads transferred by way of form-ties
  • suitable for timber-beam and framed formwork
  • formwork can be rolled back by up to 75 cm
  • cost-saving anchoring (small number of anchoring components)
  • concrete projections with a cantilever of up to 2 5 cm can be overclimbed
  • complete safety in all phases of the work
  • climbing brackets can also be used for heavy-duty scaffold platforms

Safe workspaces and workplace access routes

  • Wide work-platforms (2.40 m)
    Ladder system can be integrated

Ideal for:

Where formwork needs to be lifted and reset in several casting steps, e.g. on:

  • high-rise residential and industrial structures
  • bridge piers
  • silos
  • telecommunications and TV towers

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