Circular Column Formers

Our standard Circular Column Forms are available in 2 options either Spiral or Smooth. They can be supplied in diameters of 150mm to 1000mm in 50mm increments (1100mm & 12000mm on special request) and are supplied in 3.0m & 4.0m lengths. Columns can be joined to create 10.0m high columns in one pour. Each column comes with a central stripping wire down the side of each column which can be pulled by hand to strip the column which saves time as you are not cutting the column with a blade.

Joint Column Formers

Our Joint Column Formers are perfect for casting a new column up against an existing wall or column. This can be done either alongside a wall or against a corner leaving a fire resistant barrier in place against the wall.

Square Column Formers

Our Prisma Column Formers are for Square & Rectangle Columns that have all of the same features as the circular columns but are only supplied in a smooth finish. Prisma Columns can be supplied in sizes of 150mm x 150mm to 800mm x 800mm (With our without a Chamfer on the corners)

Folding Column Formers 

The Prisma Folding column is our most popular range of columns as they are collapsible and can reduce transport costs by up to 70% Each column is set up with the cardboard template that is supplied, once taped into place top & bottom it makes each column rigid ready for pouring. With the unique folding feature of the columns it can create a clean chamfer that does not honeycomb and reduces cracking when stripping once poured. (Compared to traditional methods).

Base Formers

Our Base Forms are aluminium Lined cardboard columns that can be re-used with Form Liners. Each base has a guaranteed life span for up to 10 pours (When used with a new liner on each pour). The form liner that is inserts into the columns are specially designed to give a smooth finish. As you don’t require each individual Column but only a fraction, it requires less storage space and can be stored outside unlike other disposable columns.

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