FDP Euro props 30kN are extendable floor props made of steel and are compliant with BS EN 1065.

They are designed for use as vertical props for temporary structures.

At a Glance

  • Type-tested to BS EN 1065.
  • High load-bearing capacity up to 30kN
  • Numbered pegging holes for easier height adjustment.
  • Quick connection.
  • Head adapters of various types can be secured into the prop using the spring pin.
  • Drop-out latch: For safety reasons, FDP Euro Props have latches to prevent the inner tube
  • sliding out of the fixed tube.
  • Special thread geometry, which makes the prop easier to release even when it is under high load.
  • When it fully closes, the prop still has a 10 cm gap so that the operator’s hands are not trapped.
  • Elbowed fastening clamps, reducing the risk of injury and making the props easier to operate.
  • Galvanised, long-life constructional design.

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