Fastdeck is a top of the range falsework system used for forming suspended concrete slabs.

The standard system uses dropheads that support or lower the faced alupanels or alu grid system (using the contractors own plywood).

The standard system works safely with slabs up to 800mm thick but can support thicker slabs
by introducing auxiliary props beneath the beams.

The system can be erected by hand without the need for cranage or lifting equipment.

Fastdeck is straight forward to use and can be erected with a minimal number of operatives giving an
economical solution to you falsework needs.

At a Glance

  • Easy to transport and handle
  • Quick installation time
  • Rapid Installation without the need for skilled labour
  • Saves Time
  • Easy Storage
  • Remains in situ
  • Saves on blinding costs
  • Less spoil removal
  • No stripping and cleaning of formwork
  • No returning of formwork
  • Safer to handle than traditional Formwork Systems

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