The Formwork Direct SL-40 Shoring System is a flexible multidirectional support structure for slab formwork.

The system features light weight design, easy component assembly and a bearing capacity of up to 8992 lbf per support, making it an extremely useful system for the support of slab formwork.

The system is based on a scaffold with multidirectional connections used by a vast number of construction professionals.

The SL-40 Shoring System has a bearing capacity of 8.992 lbf per support and can be configured for both fixed scaffolding and independent towers, depending on the application requirements of the project, making it the ideal choice when a light, practical system is required.

It’s multidirectional connection system allows it to incorporate a wide range of accessories, assists in movement and adds functional advantages not seen in other shoring systems.

SL-40 Shoring System is three-dimensional so it can provide support for complex geometrical surfaces, allowing construction of inclined slabs, domes and adjusted surfaces.

Configuration as independent towers or fixed shoring in combination with various floor sizes, from -0.73 m to 2.57 m, allow the support structure distribution to adapt to each specific need, optimising resources and costs.

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