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Roflexer Radius Formwork System

Our Roflexer Radius Formwork System is a wall formwork system that can be continuously adjusted to different radii up to 2.5m.

The Roflexer Radius Formwork System is ideal for construction projects that use different curvatures such as silos, waste water treatment plants, access ramps to multi-storey car parks and other circular structures.

As these type of construction project are usually highly complex in nature they tend to require a great deal of labour and time to implement however The Roflexer Radius Formwork System eliminates these problems due to its easy set up that uses fewer elements (all of which are reusable) and therefore requires less labour.

This system is fully compatible with our FD MAX Heavy Duty Panel System and it allows a wide range of solutions using FD Max vertical panels in combination with Roflexer circular panels.