MF240 is a crane jumped formwork system to form structures of any shape or incline.

The MF240 system provides a practically managed system assisting in a predictable programme for the construction of high rise structures. The system has a straight forward assembly procedure and can be arranged to work with a wide variety of construction requirements.

The system is used in cores and shafts of high rise concrete frame buildings or structures in commercial, industrial and residential projects along with civil projects such as bridge piers and walls.

The MF240 formwork system can be assembled ready for use without the early requirement of a crane.

The MF240 system has been produced with a minimal number of standard components but giving a wide variety of applications.


  • The climbing frames provide a safe 2.4m wide work platform.
  • A permitted vertical load of 50kN per climbing bracket.
  • Form heights of up to 6.0m can be connected to the frames.
  • Framed panel forms or traditionally assembled forms can be used.
  • The forms can be quickly adjusted in all directions allowing accurate positioning of the shutters.
  • Forms can be rolled back 750mm.
  • Forms can be inclined up to plus or minus 15 degrees.
  • MF 240 gives safe secure working area throughout construction.
  • Cantilevers or projections in the structure up to 250mm can be negotiated.
  • The MF 240 frames can be used as Heavy Duty access platform support.
  • High load anchors reduce the number of anchor points necessary.

Detailed MF 240 CAD schemes along with design calculations are supplied from an experienced drawing office team.

Drawings issued will show dimensions and exact positions of the parts to be used in assembly of the climbing frames along with the support walings and roll back facility for the selected forms.

A detailed operating guide is issued to illustrate the function of parts and the sequence to follow for the safe and efficient use of the system.
When the MF 240 frames and forms are hung in position and final exact adjustment in the vertical and horizontal is required this is achieved by turning the adjusting spindles. Vertical adjustment has a range of approximately 150mm.

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