Formwork Direct Aluflex delivers a cost saving lightweight shoring system or provides a heavy duty single prop. The system is used in the construction of high rise concrete frame buildings, under pass tunnels, storage tanks, shaft shutter support platforms and various other applications.

The Aluflex system is a high load capacity formwork system for the support and forming of suspended concrete slabs. The systems basic components are the Alulight Post Prop, the Aluflex 105 Bracing Frame with primary and secondary beam options. The primary beams being secured to the prop heads with steel clips or held in a steel fork head.

The Alulight prop is manufactured from high yield strength aluminium in accordance with BS EN 16031. The Alulight prop can take loads up to 100kN (refer to Alulight Prop Loading Charts.) The Alulight prop is designed and manufactured from a robust aluminium section to withstand site usage with integral channels for fixing the Aluflex Bracing Frames.

The Alulight Prop can be used in a grid arrangement as individual towers or in single prop applications.

The double retention safety system prevents the exit of the internal threaded spindle from the outer aluminium leg. The interrupted and specular thread , obtained through mechanical removal, guarantees self cleaning and anti scuffing whilst rotating the adjustment collar.

The Alulight Prop Inner Spindle is threaded for the full length allowing fine and accurate adjustment selecting prop length and levelling the primary beams.

Alulight props are in four standard sizes
2.5m, height closed 1.45m height open 2.5m, wt. 14kg.
3.5m, height closed 1.95m height open 3.5m, wt19.5kg.
4.8m height closed 3.3m height open 4.8m, wt. 25.0 kg.
6.25m height closed 4.8m height open 6.25, wt.31k.0 kg.

The Alulight Prop tripod gives support to hold a prop vertical in single prop application or to assist while building towers in the vertical instead of the horizontal plane.

To connect the Alulight Props the Aluflex Bracing Frame is used this is a steel frame which is galvanized to prevent any corrosion of frame sections.

By using various Alufllex Bracing Frame sizes different slab thickness and structural shapes can be effectively dealt with. The frames can be used to support access platforms as well as to provide a guard rail around the platform.

The Aluflex Bracing Frame has four standard sizes 0.75m, 1.0m, 1.5m, and 2.0m with other sizes available if required.

The galvanized Aluflex 105 bracing Frame connects quickly and easily to the prop sections by tapping down the gravity wedge which is an integral part of the frame clamps.

There are two Alulight Prop couplers to allow standard scaffold tube to be used to tie the system to permanent works or other systems one a fixed coupler the other a swivel coupler .

Mechanical assembly of Aluflex system components means minimized maintenance costs if replacing damaged parts.

Edge protection is provided using the proven Formsafe panels and posts.
This versatile well engineered formwork system is available for hire or for sale. C.A.D. drawings are available as are design calculations and are issued with hire orders.

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