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Acrow Props

Acrow Props are designed to support a range of floors and temporary beams.

Acrow Props are manufactured from an outer tube 60.3mm Dia and an Inner tube of 48.3mm Dia. The threaded portion is friction welded to the outer tube to produce a lighter weight Prop.

Adjustable Steel Props are available in sizes No.0 to No.4.

We also supply a range of Heavy Duty Acrow Props which are more suitable for higher loads.

Acrow Prop Components in Detail

Prop Head:

150 x 150 x 6mm plates with holes for securing to timber beams or facilitating the use of accessories.

Prop Inner Tube:

48.3mm O.D. tube (standard scaffolding tube size) with holes at 152.5mm centres. Tube diameter enables standard scaffold tube and couplers to be used for bracing purposes.

Prop Outer Tube:

60.3mm O.D. Bottom plate identical to prop head. Reduction couplers enable standard scaffold tube to be connected to outer tube for bracing purposes.


On the outer tube the thread provides the ability for each prop to have infinite adjustment within its given range.


Self-cleaning nut has a hole located at one end for easy turning when prop handle is near walls. Additional nut can be added to convert prop to push-pull strut.

All Acrow Props are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 quality system accreditation.