Formwork Hire

When starting a project a common question that a customer will ask itself is should we hire or buy equipment?

The benefits of hiring equipment

Cost effectiveness

Hiring equipment is often a better financial option for customers as it requires minimal upfront investment compared to purchasing outright. This is particularly useful if you are completing a specific project and you’re not likely to use a certain piece of equipment again or if you are wanting to try a piece of equipment that you are not familiar with without the outlay of purchasing the system.

Lower risk and increased safety

By hiring equipment from Formwork Direct you are placing the responsibility of the equipment being compliant and ready to use on us which in turn lowers the risk attached to you. All our hire equipment is kept up to date and is regularly serviced and inspected to the highest industry standards by our dedicated team of staff enabling you to focus on other tasks.

Low/zero maintenance

When hiring equipment the cost of asset management and equipment maintenance lies with us. Not only does this mean you don’t need to invest heavily in equipment or products to clean, repair and repaint the equipment it also means you do not need space for storage or suitable lifting equipment to move it around in your storage space.

Equipment disposal

Hiring equipment means you do not have to worry about safe disposal or the sale of kit once it has reached the end of its usefulness for you. With all this in mind the next question would be why hire specifically from Formwork Direct?

Quality of equipment

At Formwork Direct we pride ourselves on providing the best quality equipment. Our Research and Development team is constantly working to make our fleet the most up to date and easy to use construction products on the market. When hiring from Formwork Direct you can rest assured that all our equipment is fully inspected and issued with all relevant certifications.

Finance reporting

Our Accounts team are able to provide live hire reports to customers on request at any time. We also offer an online portal so you can have access to your hire status at all times at the click of a button.

First class logistics

At Formwork Direct we understand that a customers time is money therefore we offer top quality delivery which meets all our clients safety and scheduling needs.

Competitive rates

We pride ourselves on providing equipment at competitive weekly hire rates with sensible delivery rates. We always strive to have the perfect balance between rates and quality so that we can provide the best service to all our clients.