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FDP 30kN E Euro Props

FDP 30 kN  E Euro props are extendable floor props made of steel and are compliant with BS EN 1065.

They are designed for use as vertical props for temporary structures.

FDP 30 kN E Euro Props are type tested to BS EN 1065 and offer a high load bearing capacity of up to 30kN.

The props feature numbered pegging holes for easier height adjustment and quick connection.

Head adapters of various types can be secured into the prop using the spring pin.

For safety reasons, FDP 30kN E Euro Props have drop out latches to prevent the inner tube sliding out of the fixed tube. When it fully closes, the prop still has a 10 cm gap so that the operator’s hands are not trapped. And the special thread geometry makes the prop easier to release even when it is under high load.

Elbowed fastening clamps, reducing the risk of injury and making the props easier to operate.

FDP 30 kN E Euro Props are galvanised for long-life constructional design.

FDP 30kN E Euro Props can extend from 1.60m up to 5.00m.