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Uniscaff Stairtower

The Uniscaff Stairtower is made from pre-fabricated components and built using standards, ledger beams, stair flights, landings, handrails and guardrails.

The stair tower can be built as an independent construction or integrated into other scaffolding or staging.

Base Jacks

The Base Jacks are adjustable in height to ensure the tower is both level and stable on uneven ground.


Standards are 1m, 2m and 3m in length and are used according to the height of tower being built.


The Uniscaff stair tower is built using 1.6m and 3.0m ledger beams with 2.0m, 1.5m and 1.0m between the platform levels.


The Uniscaff stair tower must be anchored to a structure at each platform level on both sides of the inner and outer standards using scaffold tube and couplers.

Loads on Flights and Landings

Stair flights and landings have a safe working load of 1.5kN/sq.m

Loads on Standards

The stair tower when using 2.0m platform heights has a permissible loading of 20 kN per standard.


All stair flights and landings are equipped with a minimum of double handrails. An additional 3.0m single handrail is added to the external area on a 2.0m stair flight.

Construction Heights

The maximum construction height for a stair tower with platform levels and stair flights every two metres is 30.0m. The stair flights must have handrails on the inside of every stair flight. The landings must have guardrails at 1.0m and 0.5m heights.

All components are made of galvanised steel and conform to the structural requirements of BS EN 12811 and BS EN 12810 with regards to the component testing and calculation requirements.

All components have identification marks with month and year of manufacture.