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Combisafe Site Stairways

The Combisafe Site Stairway has been designed and tested to meet the access performance requirements within the European Standard EN 12811 – Temporary Works Equipment – performance requirements and general design.

The angle of operation, loading requirements, tread dimensions, and minimum width are all taken into account in the system design. The performance requirements are met or exceeded in every case.

The Combisafe Site Stairway offers a simple, safe and practical solution.

The Stairways are quickly and easily installed on site, straight off the back of transport, and are ready to use in minutes.

Set up at between 25° and 50° they are used facing forward, and users can carry small tools, equipment, and materials in safety and comfort. They can be set up on table forms, in service ducts, around the perimeter, or
elsewhere, frequently protecting the buildings stairs from the wear and tear of the construction process. They fully comply with EN 12811, as Temporary Work Equipment for access between levels on scaffolding.

Benefits and Features

  • The stairways come in six lengths, which can be joined and supported to offer a single run climb height of up to 7.5m.
  • There is a double handrail on both sides, which automatically adjusts to the correct height.
  • Whatever the angle of the stairway, the treads will always be horizontal.
  • An automatic locking mechanism is designed to engage once the stairway is at the correct angle.
  • A manual locking device is available in addition to the automatic locking mechanism.
  • The manual lock is mounted in the pre-drilled holes on the opposite side to the automatic lock. This can be used during long-term or permanent stairway installation, or where the ground is loose or uneven.
  • The Stairway is manufactured in steel section, and has a durable galvanized finish as standard, although a painted and lacquered alternative is available. The treads have a course expanded metal plate for grip, which also clears muddy footwear in use.
  • The bottom of the stringers have points to prevent slipping.
  • The Stairway allows access for two persons at any one time. Being over 750mm wide, the Stairway permits occasional passing if required.
  • For high passage rates the Stairways can be set up in pairs, each for one way traffic.
  • The Stairways can be pre-joined to the required length before being sent to site, alternatively they can be site assembled.
  • The Stairways can be folded flat for ease of transport.
  • The Stairways can be quickly and easily erected on site by two operatives. The handrails are simply secured in place, and the Stairway is then lifted into position using lifting equipment.


This highly flexible temporary stairway offers a simple and effective access solution:

  • Between levels on scaffolding
  • Access to table platforms
  • Access up batters and embankments
  • Stairways can be used in lieu of permanent stairs
  • Access into service ducts
  • Access to temporary site offices and portakabins