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Superslim Soldiers

Our Superslim Soldiers are sturdy and extremely easy to build into beams of any length. The ideal beam for most temporary applications. A single prop can take a maximum load of 100kN.

Superslim Soldiers can be used in conjunction with Aluminium or Timber Beams and Rapid Bar Tie in the construction of straight, curved and conical walls.

Nine standard lengths allow almost unlimited scope for assembling wall formwork of virtually any height , width and shape.

Robustness to cope with the demands of frequent re-use means easier assembly and consistently accurate fabrication on site.

Formwork ties can be fixed virtually anywhere along the Superslim Soldier length, allowing complete freedom to create the optimum design.

Consistently produces high quality concrete finish.

Superslim soldiers are also used for propping and back propping of walls and slabs, our design team can give you advise on all propping & needling schemes.

Super Slim Soldier Beam Lengths:

  • Superslim Soldier 3600mm
  • Superslim Soldier 2700mm
  • Superslim Soldier 1800mm
  • Superslim Soldier 900mm
  • Superslim Soldier 720mm
  • Superslim Soldier 540mm
  • Superslim Soldier 360mm
  • Superslim Soldier 90mm

Superslim Solider Accessories

Formwork Direct supply a variety of Superslim Soldier accessories, including:

  • Anchor Plate
  • Access Bracket
  • Spreader Beam Plate
  • Support Plate
  • Dual Purpose Jack & Adapter Tube
  • Lifting Plate
  • Whaler Plate (15mm Rapid Bar Tie System)
  • High Load Whaler Plate (20mm Rapid Bar Tie System)
  • Slimshore Porthole Bearing
  • Superslim Turnbuckle & Plumbing Foot
  • Prop Jacks LH & RH
  • Prop Spade End Link & Pivot Tube
  • Tilt Plate
  • Prop Tube End Link
  • Superslim Rocking Head
  • Superslim Adjustable Rocking Head
  • Superslim Adjustable Base
  • Pivot Clear Set
  • Superslim Corner Pivot
  • Push/Pull Corner Angle
  • Superslim 6 Way Double Connector
  • 6 Way Connector
  • Joint Stiffeners
  • Superslim Soldier Clamp
  • Timber Whaling Clamp Assembly
  • B Clamp
  • G Clamp
  • Superslim Tube Clamp
  • Bolts, Nuts & Pins