At Formwork Direct we pride ourselves in providing the best systems at the most competitive prices. Our research and development team scour the world enabling us to source the most ground breaking, innovative and flexible equipment to provide hire and sale to the market. Whether it be a massive multi story project or a basic lift pit Formwork Direct can offer solutions for all your project needs.

What is formwork?

Formwork is best described as “A structure which is usually temporary but can be whole or part permanent, it is used to contain poured concrete to mould it into required dimensions and support until it is able to support itself.”

There have been numerous developments for further reading with regards to formwork, one of which began the theory of formwork was; Formwork – a guide to good practice, published by the Concrete Society and Institution of Structural Engineers in 1995. This volume embraced the various aspects of Formwork, which included, design, materials, equipment, site best practice and special Formwork.