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Alkus Formwork Panels

Alkus panels are solid plastic formwork panels made from aluminium reinforced polypropylene that are typically used for wall formwork and special structural elements because of its excellent flexural strength.

Alkus solid plastic panels enable perfect element joints and excellent concrete surfaces corresponding to exposed concrete classifications resulting in top quality finishes with no surface irregularities/ripples time after time.

Due to its longevity, Alkus panels are able to provide one of the most economic solutions for use in concrete construction as they can last up to 20 times longer than timber facing.

Alkus solid plastic panels are extremely durable, can be repaired without loss of quality and require much less change than plywood which makes them an environmentally friendly and ecological choice.

All Alkus panels are waterproof which leads to an incredibly long lifespan due to the fact that it does not rot.

Cleaning the panels after application is quick and easy even when using high pressure washers up to 1’000 bar 14,000 psi operating pressure.

Alkus panels are currently available in the following Formwork Direct systems.

  • FD Max
  • Easiform Frami
  • Fast Deck


We can also provide Alkus panels directly. Contact us for further details.