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WS10 Multiform Wall Formwork

WS10 Multiform Wall Formwork is a system that is prefabricated dependent on project specifications enabling it to handle many different types of task as the shape, size, tie-hole pattern and form-facing of the elements can be adapted to suit any requirements which in turn permits any pouring rate as it can be easily dimensioned for any fresh concrete pressure.

A key element of the WS10 Multiform System is that costs are easily managed due to the certainty or prefabrication. Perfect joint patterns are achievable thanks to the exact element joints which also results in no time being spent on finishing work. Special solutions can also be created for the likes of bridges, tunnels and industrial construction projects.

WS10 Multiform cuts equipment costs by allowing a high number of repeat usage and the short forming times cut labour costs down. Cranage is also reduced due to the large optimised shifting units.

A range of practical accessories are also available for safe and easy handling.