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Topec Fast Deck

Topec Fast Deck is a beamless soffit support falsework system and with only two basic components, a prop and a panel, achieves second to none results.

Fast deck outperforms other systems of this type with its efficiency and improved production rates.

Straightforward and efficient

Fast deck has achieved new dimensions in soffit support systems and performance which have resulted in labour savings and other economies.

With Fast deck only having two basic components it keeps the system straightforward and simple to assemble, contributing to its top of the range position in panel soffit support systems.

Lightweight with high performance

Fast deck is the result of many years of experience being brought to bear and giving a robust aluminium panel and prop system, the 1.8m x 1.8m panel gives 3.24m2 of support in a simple movement whilst the operatives stand at ground level.

Fast deck with hydraulic lift

If further time savings are required a hydraulic lift can be used which will lift and position panels accurately up to a height of 5.7m. This helps achieve work rates of less than 0.2h/m2 . With less handling m2 large areas of fast deck support are quickly erected.

Fast deck ease of assembly

Fast deck is erected from below working from ground level. Operatives can position and fix panels up to 3.5m high without hop up or mobile platforms needed.

Fast deck cost savings

Fast deck’s speed of erection reduces labour costs. Fast deck unlike table forms means crane use and waiting times are dramatically reduced giving additional benefits financially to the contractors.