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H20 Timber Beams

Formwork Direct H20 Beams are formwork beams made of the highest quality European spruce wood, and ensure high-quality panelling of concrete formwork constructions.

Our formwork beams are 20 cm high and are produced in various standard lengths.

A special protective cap prevents the beam to be exposed to premature chipping on the chord ends. Furthermore, the wood chords of excellent quality are combined with triple laminated wood webs, thus ensuring sustainability of the product and exceptional durability.

At a Glance

  • Made of Spruce wood.
  • The chord is made of carefully selected wood of superior quality.
  • The web is made of 3-ply solid wood panel, ensuring high carrying capacity and durability in all climate zones.
  • The web and the chord are combined with a special finger joint, distinguished for its quality of inseparability.
  • A special shock-resistant, plastic protective cap at the beam’s edges prevents mechanical injuries, and increases its durability.
  • Covered with watertight coating, ensuring continuous use and long product life.
  • The length is printed on every formwork beam to ensure its simple use.
  • The quality of the formwork beam is certified by the HFB ENGINEERING GmbH, Germany and it is pursuant to SIST EN 13377 standard.