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FD Max Heavy Duty Panel System

The FD Max heavy duty panel system is the ideal solution for creating large areas of shuttering.

This versatile system is capable of taking working loads of 90kN m² and is used in all areas of construction i.e. civil engineering , building and infrastructure projects of all types.

The FD Max panels are efficiently and safely assembled using the standard assembly clamp. The clamps fit anywhere on the perimeter frame allowing panels of any size to be connected together simply and securely.

The frames are manufactured from high tensile steel sections with a closed section perimeter frame of 120mm x 600mm. All frames have a series of horizontal members with fixing points for access brackets and accessories along their lengths.

The standard 3.00m x 2.40m panel is complemented with a range of fractional panel sizes which facilitates the building of shutters sizes to the height and length required.

The FD Max 3.00m x 2.40m panel has only 4 nos. tie rod positions giving 1.80 m² of formwork per tie rod which minimizes tie rod numbers on a given area.

For ease of inserting tie rods the steel sleeves through the panels are tapered and will take 15mm dia. or 20mm dia. tie rods. The panels are available with Alkus faces or with a phenolic resin faced plywood to suit customer requirements.

All the FD Max panels are hot dipped galvanized giving internal as well as external protection to the steel frames.

The FD Max system provides accessories such as access brackets with Combisafe, plumbing struts, crane lifting hooks, slope plates (a combined wing nut and washer), stop end walers and other items to satisfy any of the system or customer needs.

There are 90 degree internal and external corners with hinged corners to satisfy any changes in wall direction .

In addition to the standard panels there are FD Max Universal panels. These panels have a series of tie holes across each panel at 50mm centres and are particularly useful in the forming of column shutters.


  • Wall Formwork
  • Column Formwork
  • Single Sided Formwork