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Combisafe Barrier System

The Combisafe Steel Mesh Barrier was developed to offer an alternative safety system for the most challenging construction environments – combining a range of valuable benefits such as strength, durability, speed of installation and adjustability. The barrier is light to carry and easy to manoeuvre for improved transport and on-site handling.

The Combisafe Barrier system is also extremely robust. Each welding point can withstand a load of up to 500kg. The steel barrier replaces the classic 3-part edge protection as it can act as both handrails and toeboard at the same time.

With a weight of less than 20 kg it is a versatile, quick mounting system which also offers an excellent quality standard due to its state-of-the-art production methods. It is height adjustable and offers protection by its double edges.

A wide range of accessories and attachments are also available.