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Formflex Floor Slab System

Formflex is a temporary works system to facilitate the forming and support to suspended concrete slabs.

The system concept is to provide a simple straight forward and safe solution for the customer whilst providing a versatile solution for a variety of slab thicknesses and shapes to construct.

By using a standard 2m x 1m grid the Formflex gives a simple solution for a slab thickness of up to 300mm thick.

This example only requires a single H20 timber beam primary with H20 timber beam secondary bearers generally set at 488 mm centres which is a multiple of standard plywood sheet sizes again giving economy of thought and effort.

Depending on the concrete finish required the Formflex secondary beams allow contractors to fix a form face of a quality and type of their own choice.

Formflex has a minimal number components parts comprising of hot dipped galvanized FDP Euro Props, stabilizing tripods, fabricated H20 timber beam primary and secondary bearers and a galvanized dual purpose forkhead.


Formflex has only four basic components for operatives to identify.

The Formflex FDP Euro Prop inner and outer tubes are hot dipped galvanized giving all round protection against corrosion ensuring a good quality product with guaranteed performance.

The galvanized prop stabilizing tripod can be quickly fastened around the lower prop section. This will hold a prop vertically allowing an operative to position the next prop or carry out another task.

The FDP Euro Prop inner has a series holes at 100mm centres allowing fast adjustment for required prop lengths using the captive pin through the outer and inner tubes.

The prop outer is threaded at its open end with a collar which allows easy and accurate final adjustment to level the primary beams.

The galvanized fork head will allow either twin H20 primary beams or single H20 primaries to be used by turning the fork head through 90 degrees to suit the design requirement.

The fork head can be fastened to the prop if required using a pin with spring clip or a nut and bolt.

Additional Information

The galvanised FDP Euro props give a range of dimensions from 1.5m up to 4.0m.

The FDP Euro Props can take a permissible load of up to 42.8kN.

Formflex edge protection is provided using Formsafe panels and guard rail posts.

Formwork Direct’s technical drawing office can provide CAD drawings and design calculations where necessary.