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Combisafe Attachments

To address the ever evolving challenges of modern construction, we have developed a broad range of versatile attachments that deliver the highest standards of safety regardless of your building structure type.

Whether using one of our standard attachments, or a selection from the widest range of special order fitments in the market, we offer a seamless edge protection resource that integrates fully with your construction process and work programme.

All our Combisafe Attachments comply with EN 13374 Class A standards.

Combisafe C System Attachments

Balcony Attachment

Designed to use cast in channels or the fixings for the permanent handrails. The fixing slots in this attachment can accommodate large variations in diameter and spacing. The attachment can be used on vertical or horizontal surfaces, when combined with the Elbow

Variable Angle Attachment

An attachment for pitched or flat roofs, slabs, slab edges, walls etc. The post socket can be set at 5 different angles between 0º to 90º to the base plate, in increments of 22.5°. Angle can be increased to 180° by removing both bolts.

Ground Support

Used to support the Steel Mesh Barrier (Art no. 3203) as a demarcation solution only. Used to indicate hazards beyond the line of the barrier, like excavations, traffic areas, roof edges etc. Can be anchored with a light duty fixing or counterweight, to prevent unintentional movement.


This versatile attachment re-aligns the Safety Post mounting by 90°. Can be used as a beam hanger when the Timber Beam Attachment (Art. Nos. 4401/4411) is used for vertical form beams.

Verti Clamp

An attachment that clamps to narrow members from 0-150mm thick like steel sheets. This clamp also has reversible jaws. The heavy-duty coarse thread is quick to set, and tightened using a hammer. It is also robust to withstand site treatment. Can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, using the Elbow to support the Safety Post.

Steel Jaw Clamp

The Steel Jaw Clamp ensures a secure attachment to steel beams and columns. The jaws and the spacer can be re-positioned on the body to increase the offset or to attach in both the horizontal and vertical plane. The Steel Jaw Clamp uses the same body as Multi Clamp

Multi Clamp Adapter 30

The Multi clamp Adapter 30° places the safety post outside the stair to maximise stair width. Works on both the left and right hand side of most stairs with a 25-35° stair angle. Can be pre-mounted to the Multi Clamp

Slab Edge Bracket

Mounted vertically and used both as an edge protection support and as a shuttering support. The Slab Edge Bracket is secured using the tie holes.

Aluminium Beam Attachment

Used to attach to aluminium soffit form beams and proprietary forming systems. The attachment is quickly and easily secured to the form beam by hammering the wedge home. It can then be used as both a Safety Post Attachment and a Shuttering Support using the nailing plate.

Bridge Parapet Plate

Adjustable steel plate that can be fixed directly outboard of the existing parapet prior to removal. Use with the Bolt Socket

Multi Clamp

This most versatile attachment covers a wide range of applications. It can clamp horizontally or vertically over a thickness ranging from 20mm up to 620mm using the reversible jaw. The heavy-duty coarse thread is quick to set, and tightened using a hammer. It is also robust to withstand site treatment.

Timber Beam Attachment

Used to attach to timber soffit form beams and proprietary forming systems. The attachment is quickly and easily secured to the form beam by hammering the wedge home. It can then be used as both a Safety Post Attachment and a Shuttering Support using the nailing plate. Available for form beams with a top flange thickness of 60mm and 40mm.

Multi Foot

Used for horizontal surface applications, most commonly at the slab edge. The three points of support allow accurate installation on an uneven surface and ensure that the anchor load is correctly controlled. The Multi Foot can be fitted using a variety of anchors appropriate to the base material

Cast In Tray (Circular)

The Multi Foot can be fitted to the structural slab before the finishing screed is laid and it is then protected from the poured concrete by the Cast-In Tray. This Cast-In Tray permits a screed of up to 50mm to be poured around the Multi Foot, leaving access for easy removal and even re-use of the Cast-In Tray. Once the Multi Foot has been removed, and the Cast-In Tray pulled out of the screed, the small void can be grouted up. The Multi Foot performance is not affected by use of the Cast-In Tray.

Anchor Socket

Welds directly to steel beams and structures to support edge protection posts and barriers.

Precast Attachment

This innovative attachment is easily placed, rotated into position on its three feet, and secured to the rebar to prevent movement during the pour. It will accept loading in any direction and does, therefore, not require careful orientation. The pre-cut plastic sleeves are inserted once on-site. This attachment will support the edge protection before the topping has been poured.

Steel Mesh Barrier (SMB) Holder

The Steel Mesh Barrier Holder allows the barrier to be installed at any height on the Safety Post, facilitating work under the barrier, and enabling the barrier to be parallel with the working surface at all times.

Toeboard Holder

Fitted to the edge protection Safety Post to hold wooden toeboards in position. The design allows it to be fitted or dismantled with the guardrail in place. Zinc plated.

Stair Attachment

Used to support systems on stairs, permitting access to both the top surface and the soffit. Two spurs/studs are pushed into the concrete during installation stabilising the single point fixing. The Safety Post is positioned 90mm off the edge of the stairs, creating space for finishes and nosings.

Plastic Sleeve 2.3m/260mm/Plug

The simplest pre-planned attachment. The Plastic Sleeve is cut to the required length and is fitted with the Plastic Plug. This is then cast-in to the slab in the required position.

Flexi Attachment MKII

Used to provide a post attachment at an adjustable offset, up to max. 350mm from a vertical surface. Used in beam webs, on walls, façades, shaft sides, or slab edges etc. The bolt is pre-fitted to the base material and the keyhole used to initially secure the attachment until the fastener is tightened. This safe method reduces the risk of dropping the attachment during installation and permits removal from the slab above, without the need for high level access below.

Safety Post

When mounted in the various attachments and combined with the Steel Mesh Barrier, forms a safe fall prevention solution. Can be used on its own or with Steel Mesh Barrier Holder. Quiclox permits fast, easy assembly and removal.

Adjustable Safety Post

A combined Safety Post and Steel Mesh Barrier Holder. The Holder is set to the required barrier height on the Safety Post. Quiclox permits fast easy assembly and removal.

Rebar Socket (Circular)

An innovative socket for use with its edge protection posts or traditional scaffolding. The socket is fixed at a junction of the rebar mesh before further reinforcements are added and the concrete poured. The use of the robust hook and anchor ensures the socket will not move while the casting table is oscillated or vibrated, or while the concrete surface is being keyed.

It’s a simple yet highly effective solution that will save precast manufacturers both time and effort. Finished floor/wall slabs can then be delivered to site pre-prepared for edge protection to be fitted before being craned into position.

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