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Combisafe for Concrete Frames

Formwork Direct’s Combisafe system works effortlessly with concrete frame, in-situ and precast concrete projects.

With a wide range of flexible solutions combining all the benefits of edge protection pre-planning with the versatility of a proven, easy to manage barrier system that saves time and money on-site.

The following products are ideal for use in concrete construction.

Steel Mesh Barrier (SMB)

The benchmark for edge protection for over a decade and still a focus for innovation. The latest Formsafe SMB is even stronger, even more durable, even lighter and even more flexible for increased safety and productivity.

SMB Stair

A systemised solution offering ease of use and increased containment on stairways – often a problem area on any construction site for safety planning.

SMB Beam

A supplementary double guardrail that is designed to provide safety while the barrier is removed. The SMB Beam enables the user to reach through the beam to carry out work at the edge and is particularly useful when fitting cladding brackets and facade panels. The SMB Beam works with with the C-System only.

Multi-Mesh Barrier (MMB)

A combined post and barrier system providing speed and simplicity of installation, the MMB utilises a single fixing and overlap method and is secured using a strap. Individual barriers can be opened by removing the strap for access to the edge or for loading through. MMB is attached using precast sockets, clamps, or drilled fixings.


Full height floor to ceiling protection using Steel Mesh, or Soft Net systems to further increase safety and containment , minimising the risk of people, objects, and debris falling or being blown over standard height barriers.