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Combisafe for Timber Construction

In response to the growing resurgence of timber construction in recent years Formwork Direct can now provide a range of Combisafe products designed to specifically meet the unique challenges of  safer working at heights for timber frame construction.

Due to offering innovative attachments for the safe and secure fixing of barrier protection to wood and timber form beams and soffit edges, the following systems are suitable for use in timber construction.

Steel Mesh Barrier (SMB)

The benchmark for edge protection for over a decade and still a focus for innovation. The latest Formsafe SMB is even stronger, even more durable, even lighter and even more flexible for increased safety and productivity.

SMB Stair

A systemised solution offering ease of use and increased containment on stairways – often a problem area on any construction site for safety planning.

SMB Beam

A supplementary double guardrail that is designed to provide safety while the barrier is removed. The SMB Beam enables the user to reach through the beam to carry out work at the edge and
is particularly useful when fitting cladding brackets and facade panels. SMB Beam is complementary with the C-System only.


There are the three attachments from the Formsafe range most commonly used in timber construction. Please see this chart for further options. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us directly as we are sure to have a solution that will meet your needs.

Verti Clamp

Bolts to beam edges in timber construction projects to provide up to 360mm offset for safety post attachment.

Stair Attachment

Designed to support barrier on stairways cassettes, Formsafe Stair allows quick, easy and secure attachment to diagonal cassette edges, while providing an offset of 9cm from stair edge to allow room for finishes and nosings.

Variable Angle Attachment

Provides adjustable post mount angle from 0 to 90 degrees on pitched or flat roofs, slabs, slab edges and walls.